Celebrate Teamwork

Recognise your team,
boost engagement and
measure successes with Teamber.

Grow your all-star team with timely and meaningful experiences.

Kudos - Peer to peer and executive recognition

Create a culture of recognition to celebrate more timely. We empower everyone recognition their peer, which proven to drive beneficial impact on the team. Transform into a positive workplace and inspire outstanding work today.

Badges - A culture of achieving performances & skillsets

Send a unique recognition or tailored badges to your peer. Make a recognition more meaningful than just 'thank you'. Badges offer a scalable way to recognise employees for achievements, directly on their profile pages.

Badges can be earned in any number of ways; for completing training, exceeding performance levels, even for being helping hands.

Rewards - Recognition that goes beyond words

Enables employees send points to each other to celebrate success or accomplishment. Points are as good as cash, employee can use it to redeem incredible rewards such as My Preferred Class or Lunch with the CEO.

Unlock a selection of rewards available from your local stores and online shops. Now everyone can thrive towards to the rewards they really want.

*Available to selected countries.

Corporate Benefits - Save time and money

Take the front row seat to a curated list of corporate benefits and discount from brands. Access to the best pre-negotiated corporate perks, like discounts on attraction tickets, membership, retail and F&B available to selected list of countries.

Measuring Feedback - Get the big and the small pictures

Run regular surveys and get accurate employee engagement insight to ensure everyone is on the same page. Gain real-time actionable insights on what are the indicators trending within the team and take corrective actions before - not after.

Goals & Values - Celebrate and reinforce your culture

Celebrating success is a very powerful motivator for the teams because it amplifies the meaning behind all that hard work. Reinforce key goals and values that your entire team is working towards. Celebrate a shared achievement together and turn it into memorable moment.

Recognition is No.1​

Recognition is ranked as the top motivation factor for employees to do their best work. 

It Works Everywhere!

Teamber is designed for your entire team. WFO or WFH. From the desk to the store. For Slack and Microsoft Team junkies - or for someone with nothing more than a phone. Works on any browser, together with native iPhone and Android Apps. Also comes with a bunch of integrations.

Coming Soon - Virtual Visa Card for your team

Seamlessly issue Virtual Visa cards as rewards. Your team can pay or subscribe to any products and services they prefer.

If every member of a team doesn't commit to grow together, they will grow apart
Simon Sinek

Teamber is brought to you by the same team that brings you the excellent Consumer Experience platform used by brands like DHL, Sentosa and hundreds of other forward thinking businesses.

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